Video: Arrival and Robben Island

Filmed and edited by Devin Kumar.

2 thoughts on “Arrival and Robben Island”

  1. The thing I miss most about Phoebe being gone, is not hearing about her experiences of the day. I am so happy to have access to a blog that not only has reflections from students but pictures and professional video of the journey.
    Ruby, Carl, and Will thank you for your posts, sharing your thoughts of the experiences of Thulani Mabaso’s incarceration on Robben Island. Keep them coming! : )

  2. Thanks to all for arranging this journey – an experience of a lifetime. Everyone puts so much time in to expanding the students views and thoughts. The video’s and pictures are breathtaking – Thank you Shmuel and Devin for allowing us to live vicariously through the eyes and ears of our children.

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