Video: First Day in Delhi

Vidya Dharma Project Students First day in Delhi

  • Alina Carus

    Happy Birthday Chelsea! Love Titi. Hope you are having a good time!

  • Leigh Ann Clifton

    An amazing eye-opening experience to be sure! I am so thankful each of you has this opportunity together and am looking forward to hearing your comments and reflections about this experience. Have fun, be safe, minds and hearts wide open.

    Leigh Ann

  • Donna Russo

    Maya and class; Many times new experiences can be both intimidating and frightening. Try to take a deep breath, “go with flow” and reserve your judgments for later. Stay safe. We love you. (Don’t be negative Maya)

  • Ali G

    Don’t rush the trip,have fun with it,do something to remember.Don’t let this
    week fly by,keep it cool.

    P.S. Melissa didn’t make me write this comment!