Swaziland Update

Dear Readers,
We arrived in Swaziland on Friday afternoon. We are staying in Mbabane, the capital city of Swaziland. The internet here is rare and this is our first chance to get something out. All day Saturday we were out on Safari at Mkhaya Game Reserve. In the evening we had a great Swazi cultural experience as well. Stay tuned for student writings and photos.
At your service,
“Team Media”

"Team Media"

5 thoughts on “Swaziland Update”

  1. Thank you very much for everything once again and I hope and trust that you had a wonderful trip to Swaziland , I’m sure that was an experiece in your life time the scenario and nature that country privides,I had a good medical check up and there is absolutely nothing serious but iportantly,I have to take care of my fitness and weight. Thought I should update you as promised about my health.Hope and trust to hear from you again Enjoy Swaziland and we proud of you for all your contribution and care to our demanding challenehs in our communities. Take care and God bless. Julius Moshebi (Pretoria South Africa

  2. We are appreciative beyond words for the fabulous videos, beautiful photos and the perfect music chosen to communicate the experience being had by all on this trip. The videos have moved us to tears time and time again. WIthout you we would have literally been left to our own imagination as to what was transpiring on the other side of the globe. Thank you “Team Media”!

  3. Team Media – you are doing a FANTASTIC job! Thank you for the images that add to the writings. Can’t wait to see the pix/video of Swaziland.

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